5 Power Tools Every Woodworker Should Own

Whether you are a beginner “DIY-er” or a professional woodworker, you will need to utilize some woodworking related tools to complete your project. Yes, there are many woodworking tools in the market, but that does not mean that you will need to purchase all of them.

So, if budgetary constraints are what keeping you from taking up woodworking, read on to discover some of the most essential power tools every woodworker should own;

The Table Saw


The table saw is perhaps one of the essential tools you will need to complete your woodwork tasks. This tool has earned the reputation “the heart of a woodworking workshop,” due to its versatility. This equipment can shape, miter, groove, square, and rip through wood with little effort on your part.

Bear in mind that the table saw is “the center in which all other tools in the workshop revolve around.” Hence the need to make sure that you purchase a high-quality one that is capable of meeting your woodworking needs.

One of the most critical features of this tool is the saw blade. The quality of the saw blade will determine the quality of your cuts. Therefore, be sure to visit Saw Blades Only to learn more about the different saw blades in the market and why they are a vital aspect of your woodwork tasks.

The Circular Saw


If you are on a budget and are looking for a versatile woodworking tool, then the circular saw would be your ideal tool. With a capacity to slice through medium density fiberboards and plywood, the circular saw is often considered one of the essential power tools in woodworking. It also can make rip cuts, angle cuts, and plunge cuts.

The abilities of the circular saw in woodworking are limitless, especially when used with an additional clamp-on tool.  Besides, this saw is portable and smaller when compared to the table saw, which means that you can carry it to different locations.

The Power Drill


It is hard to correctly complete a woodworking project on time without a power drill. Simply because, once you have cut your wood and sanded it, you will have to assemble all your wooden pieces in the final phase of your project. You will need to make holes for screws and bolts which will hold the pieces together.

These holes can be made using traditional hand tools such as the hand drill or screwdrivers. However, using these tools can be time-consuming and even frustrating.

A better option would be to invest in the faster and more effective power drill. Also, instead of having multiple sized screwdrivers on standby (to make different sized holes), these power tools have multiple bits and all you will need to do is adjust them according to your project’s requirements.



The vital contribution of a sander towards the successful completion of woodworking tasks is undeniable. If you have ever witnessed a professional woodworker working, then you have probably seen them reach for a sander after every minute! This is because this vital tool is used to give wooden pieces perfect smooth finishes.

There is a rich diversity of these types of power tools, ranging from power sanders to regular manual sanders. If you want to save on time and effort, you should opt for a power sander. Using this tool is better than having to put your arm through the burn-out of sanding wooden pieces manually.

Mitler Saw


If you want to make quality angle cuts (which is often the case in most woodwork projects), then you will need to invest in a good mitler saw. With pivoting capabilities, this power tool is ideal for molding, edging, and fitted corrections.

One of the reasons why the mitler saw is considered a power tool is the fact that it is easy to use and effective in delivering perfect angled cuts. This tool is also less expensive than its table saw counterpart.

The Bottom Line


Are you thinking of undertaking some woodwork related project? Maybe you want to renovate your floors, or you want to make your yard look artistic! Whatever your reason is, for undertaking woodwork one thing is constant: you will need some power tools to get the work done in a fast and efficient manner.