How to Become Famous on Instagram

Instagram is one of the top sites that you can join and become famous. Let’s say you have the perfect Instagram account, you post each day but funny enough, the views and followers just trickle in. With a few tips, you can have a following that you never imagine could happen.

But first, you have to have the perfect strategy to get followers, and then you have to give them something to talk about, then you can make money out of the whole deal. But first things first…

Content is King

Without the right content, you are looking at a few followers in a week. The best thing you need to do is to have the right content in your niche. If you are a teacher, then you need to have content in education. High-quality content is the perfect magnet for followers. With high content, you enhance your engagement rate, and you attract other users to your page.

Your followers can only share content that is relevant and of high quality. Relevance means you need to share something that is in your niche, which the audience expects from you.

Take an example of a wedding planner. Most of the users that follow you will definitely be people interested in weddings, and your services. One of the things you need to showcase is a past wedding. You need to capture and share a few high-quality images of a past wedding to show your skills. Before you take a picture, you need to get the perfect location. This is where the venue comes in. You also need to have a professional photographer to capture the perfect shots. For this role, you can call in Blue Bend Photography to take the right portfolio images for you.

Followers Beget Followers

Having many followers attracts more to your page. Instagram is all about numbers, the more you have the higher up the pecking order you get. Having, say, 10,000 followers puts you way ahead of someone with 5,000 followers in the same niche.

Therefore, what you need is to build up a following the right way. With the right content, you can get followers to your page. However, it isn’t all about content, you need to know how to deliver the content to your audience. The way you do this is to know when to post content. For instance, if you are selling to a US audience, you ought to post during the time when your audience is awake, which means you have to know the time zone and the right time to post.

Consistency is Key

Whether you are on the platform to make a name or sell something, you need to be consistent otherwise you can be run under. Consistency requires you to post in a regular manner so that your audience is kept busy. With a high level of engagement, you stand to be identified as an influencer, which gives you a chance to make money on the side.

Use Feedback to Grow Your Brand

Using the same example of a wedding planner, you need timely feedback in order to modify your services. Instagram allows you to visually communicate your intentions to the audience, show them how you run the planning, and give them a peek into what you have to offer.

When you post images, your audience reacts to them without any bias, which means you can use the feedback to improve your services. Additionally, the audience can share their experiences with other planners and gives you an insight into what you are, or are not doing. This feedback is vital and traditionally could cost you thousands of dollars to perform a similar survey.

Engage More

To show your human side, you need to comment, respond and follow back the users in your audience. Engagement shows the audience that you care, and that you have time for your followers. Engaging the audience helps you resolve issues, and allows you to also talk to the audience especially those that need your services.

In Closing

Instagram gives you a place to market your services and engage your audience on a single platform. Take time to build a following and come up with relevant content that other people can follow.