How to Choose a Perfect Whelping Box

Owning a new set of puppies is exciting. Even then, you need to ensure that your furry friends have a safe, warm place to stay. You, therefore, have to get a good whelping box to help protect your puppies soon after birth and during their early life. These tips will help you choose an excellent box.

Figure out the Price

Yes. Ask yourself – how much does a whelping kit costs? That way, you will pinpoint which one to buy for your puppies. In other words, once you know the amount of cash to spend, you can decide if are going to get one or two kits. Remember, expensive whelping boxes aren’t necessarily the best and vice versa. So you need to pick one that offers value for your money in terms of room and durability. Don’t forget to check what previous owners have to say about the kit that you’re about to buy. Of course, you’re better off investing in one with a high rating and positive reviews.

Consider the Available Space

Other than the price, the best whelping box should fit into the space available in your living room (or wherever it is you plan to place the box). It is, therefore, essential that you measure the spot you’re likely to put the kit. Keep in mind that you may want to relocate the box in the future.  The idea is to make sure that you don’t get a small whelping box. See, your puppies need to be as comfortable as possible. So, select the biggest box you can for the available space.

Buy in Good Time

Don’t wait for too long before buying a whelping box. You want your dog to get used to the new den weeks before she delivers her puppies. Also, the pups will get used to the warm environment early enough. Make sure that you add replaceable bedding including towel, blankets, and newspaper. You may also include a heating pad or lamp above the next. More than that, if you purchase your whelping kit a couple of weeks before your dog goes into labor, you will be able to tell if she’s comfortable in the box.

Choose a Box That’s Easy to Clean

You have to keep your whelping box clean at all times. It is, therefore, necessary that you choose a box whose materials are easy to clean. More specifically, the floor of the box has to be smooth so you can scoop the dirt quickly. Whenever possible, choose a wooden or plastic box. Also, keep a trash bin close to the box to enable you to dispose of newspapers and stained towels.

The Bottom Line

A whelping kit is a must have puppy care equipment.  It allows you to monitor the young dogs and make sure that they grow in comfort. When choosing a whelping box, go for one that can last for months. In other words, it should outgrow your puppies. Plus, your dog may need to use the box a few years later for a new litter.