Gaming CPU Buyer’s Guide

The CPU acts as the computer’s brain and our computers can either operate faster or slower depending on the processor that we have. The CPU enables the computer to run the largest Excel spreadsheets and all the other activities. The processor is also crucial if we are using our computers for gaming purposes.

Selecting the Best Gaming CPU

Just like any other product that we purchase in the market our CPUs will depend on our budget. A durable and high-performance processor will have a higher price compared to a processor that cannot perform faster.  However, we can still find some processors on the market that do not cost higher, but they function correctly.  In most cases, a processor attracting a great price will perform better than a lowly priced CPU.  A standard processor may perform better, but it may give us a hard time when running particular operations.

However, the price is not the only factor to consider when choosing the CPU to buy.  We should be very keen on the number of physical cores, L2/L3 cache, thread count and its clock speeds.   The other vital fact to consider is the purpose of the computer. A computer used for storing large amounts of data will be different from a computer used for accessing the internet alone or gaming.

Single Core Performance

A majority of processors in our markets have multiple core performances, and most of us even wonder why the single core performance is an issue.  Most of the useful programs that we use on a daily basis do not need the multi-core performance, for this reason, an efficient CPU still needs to a single core performance.  A majority of the desktops operations also run on single core performance, and most of us rely on desktop programs.  When we are running programs that are not parallel the best processor should have a single core performance.

Single core performance processors in the market are numerous, but the most recommendable is Corei3 7350. This corei3 processor is reasonably priced, and it can manage to overclock, and its base clock speed exceeds 4.2GHz.  This core can perform almost the same as the Corei7 7700K the most significant difference between this cores is that the Corei7 has eight threads and it comes with two additional physical cores.

Multi- Core Performance and where it is a Necessity

Ryzen 7 got a lot of attention, and it performed in a better way compared to Intel.  Gurus in the processors market are trying to find out the role of AMD chipsets.  These chipsets are ideal when we want to replace a higher core CPU to run a big number of threads at a lower cost.  Some desktop programs such as; virtualization, video editing, 3D Designing, encoding and decoding depend on the cores and threads that our processors have.  The AMD despite being lowly priced can give us more efficient services for multi-thread operations.  Intel will still be the leaders if cost is not among the aspects that we consider. The Intel processor has eight cores, and it costs over $1000, but a significant number of buyers find the price convenient.

For multiple tasks, Ryzen 7 is the best for us.  Ryzen 1700 is the lowest in all the seven series, but it can still give us an outstanding performance. Ryzen in the recent gaming CPU reviews got 50% higher multi-thread scores compared to Intel Corei7 7700K, and it also got better single core scores making it ideal if we are looking for a CPU that allows us to have the multi-threading power and an awesome feeling when gaming.

Information on GHz

A few years ago, processors had one core, and the only factor that could determine the CPU performance was the clock speed. The processors that we have in the market today have more cores, and we cannot rely on clock speed alone to determine the performance of a processor.  Clock speed, however, cannot be ignored because it has a role in determining how a processor performs.

To measure a processor speed, we use GHz, and these abbreviations stand for Gigahertz.  The simplest explanation for this term is how many operations our processor can run is a single second.   With the advancements that we are experiencing in computers technology a processor can have a high clock speed but still be slower when running certain programs because of having a small number of cores, and this explains why a four-core3 GHz performs better than a 4GHz dual core processor. Most games rely on single-core performance and buying a processor that has a higher clock speed gives us a better gaming experience when gaming on a desktop.

Intel Corei5 7500 is the best when gaming because it has a good clock speed and it is reasonably priced.