What are the Health Benefits of Bowling?

Bowling: it has amongst the richest and longest sport histories, and dates back around 4,000 years ago to Rome and Greece. If you like to play the game, you aren’t alone. Over 25% of people in America bowl every year, which makes it the nation’s biggest participation sport, according to Bowling Foundation.

Bowling today is a $4 billion industry that has almost 3,000 bowling facilities in the U.S. In addition to being a game that is competitive and fun, bowling additionally provides you a number of health benefits.

Muscle strengthening and toning

Bowling assists in promoting muscle exercise of the bottom part of the body, as you’re performing lots of walking with the additional weight of the bowling ball in your hand. Furthermore, as you’re swinging your arm to toss the ball, the flexing and stretching which happens offers enough exercise for the joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons in the arms. Check feellikestrike.com for the best beginner, specialty, and hybrid bowling ball reviews.

Loss of weight

Bowling assists you in slimming down by speeding the metabolism up. Even though the game is limited to a small space, your consistent movement while playing aids in burning excessive fat. You’re exercising the legs while strolling back and forth, as well as working the remainder of your body as you swing and lift the bowling ball down your lane. The average bowler will walk around 3/5ths of a mile within a 3-game series. Depending upon your weight, as well as quantity of effort placed into the game, bowling may burn from 170 to 300 calories a game. According to MayoClinic.com, a person who weighs 200 lbs. may burn as high as 275 calories an hour while bowling.

Improve your social life

According to studies, around 2 million bowlers play and socialize together every week in leagues all throughout the U.S. Teams and leagues permit you to meet fellow players, as well as pass time with old pals. Discovering companionship through teams and leagues may ease loneliness within the elderly and other ones who reside alone, decreasing loneliness and stress. Social relationships that surround shared interests may boost longevity.

Decrease disease risk

According to WebMD, a sedentary lifestyle includes amongst the top risk factors for heart disease. Exercise, which includes bowling, reduces your risk of heart attacks, stroke, diabetes, raises bone density, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels, improves circulation, and assists the body in utilizing oxygen better. Try to bowl one time or more every week for maximum benefits.

May be enjoyed during any age

This game is amongst the few sports which permits you to compete during any age and become a professional. Bowling is enjoyed by everybody from preschoolers to seniors and currently is the quickest-growing high school varsity sport. There is a low injury risk, making it a popular game for elderly people. Most bowling alleys may accommodate the ones in wheelchairs and blind bowlers.

Relief of stress

In being involved in physical activity, bowling enables us to alleviate day-to-day stress. Socializing with others during the game additionally acts as a reliever of mental stress.

Simple to learn

It’ll encourage simple adjustment methods, which is the reason why it’s liked by most adults and kids. In the opinion of 95 percent bowlers, it may be played socially, competitively, for relaxation, and for recreation. The simplicity of this game is making it a favorite sport of individuals worldwide. Special bonuses are given for spares and strikes. As a strike is bowled, a bowler is given the score of ten, plus he’ll get to add the sum of his next couple of rolls to that frame. The bowler, for a spare will get the ten, in addition to the overall amount of pins knocked down only upon the next roll.

Heart Healthy

Friendships and relationships built during bowling assists in better performance of heart muscles. In addition, the adrenaline which is felt within a match additionally boosts heart rate. Thereby, bowling will promote a healthy heart.

Fun for the entire family

The main contributing factor to the simplicity of bowling is the immense adaptability that it’ll offer. The regulations of the game are easy to learn and understand, and its automatic scoring system takes care of all of the scoring for you. Bowlers like bowling not because they enjoy the competition which comes with it yet because of the fun they’ll have and ease with which they have the ability to pass the time with their friends and family.

Hand and eye coordination

Tossing a bowling ball and hitting all of the pins will require a good bit of hand-eye coordination. That type of concentration stimulates mental alertness, focus and tactical strategy. That will make bowling the ideal game for younger individuals to sharpen hand-eye coordination and motor skills, and for elderly individuals to refine tactics.