Home Makeover / Renovation Trends for 2019

All I want for Christmas is a new look for my house. Well, we’re a little late for that but here are some great ideas that you can get started with right away in the next year, we’re just a week away from that so I hope I’m able to inspire you with this post so without further ado, let’s have at it.

Time To Keep it Warm

As people are getting colder by the day in terms of attitude and what not there is something you can do about it to still feel good and ignore the rest of the world around you. The easiest way to do that is to apply warm colors to your home, especially during the winter months this will feel very cozy so how about some milk-chocolate brown on the ceiling and a slightly darker hardwood floor? What to do with the walls? A slight kind of beige would fit well or you can visit an online color matcher to help you pick the color for your walls and come up with something more unique like a light pink version.

The Next Trend: Matte

Yep, that’s our prediction for 2019 and then we are talking about the kitchen specifically, no more shiny white or silver but a nice matte frame gives a very modern look in a traditional house, especially when you paint the ceiling brown, and combined with the hardwood floor it provides a very nice combination. It’s also a good idea to expand this to your bathroom while you keep your bedroom in the same style as your living room, mixing tradition with modern in the best way possible.

Away with Marble, Quartz is Back

Marble counter-tops are so 2018, gosh that you even think about this at this time of year, lol I’m just kidding with you but quartz counters in warm neutral colors like broken white fit perfectly with matte appliances so give it some thought, you don’t need to do it all at the same time as I understand you’re running out of budget during these expensive holidays but the trends we’re discussing here will be good for at least the next five years or so, so you can spread it out at your own pace.

Double Islands for Large Kitchens

I suppose it’s kind of useless to add the ‘large kitchens’ part but I like my subheadings to be the same size on average so I had to add something don’t I? You can design this the way you want, either with a cooking stove on one island and doing the dishes on the other one, or if you don’t want to mess around too much with moving tubes and such you could pick one cooking island, extremely easy if it runs on gas as then there’s very little renovation needed and the other island to eat from like a bar. People will be amazed when they visit you next time and see how you restyled your kitchen.

Storage Solutions Everywhere

Especially if you start painting or breaking down the floors you need to get your stuff out, luckily there are plenty of self-storage solutions, one of them is Smartlock Storage which I had good experiences with but as I’m writing this on the net for the whole world to see it’s probably not a very useful suggestion as it might be hundreds of miles, if not thousands away from where you are, that you can rent for as little time as you need, whether that be 2-3 days (that’s the last time you need I guess) up to a few weeks for larger renovations.

The choice is literally yours and no self-storage facility will look surprised if you only want to rent it for a few days. They might be disappointed if it’s the owner himself behind the counter but hey, why would you care, you’re the customer and the customer is king, that’s how it works, so no hard feelings.