How To Be The Man Of Her Dreams

Several things cannot be taught in school and leading a successful marriage happens to be among them. Everybody seems to have an idea on how one should stay in a marriage, but most of these advise never work out. People are different, and circumstances also differ and what works out for you today may not be appropriate for another person. However, it is worth noting that women have a universal code. There is something inbuilt that makes them female and irrespective of their upbringing, they will always have something in common. The following are simple tips on how to treat your woman like a queen.

    1. Understand her small world

The approach that women take in life is different from that of men. They need attention, and sometimes they can demand more than you can offer. You are supposed to be partners and there for each other. Be that person that she consults first before she seeks external help. One thing that makes many relationships to collapse is lack of communication. You should pump her with love on a daily basis or else your relationship will wither or collapse as you start getting distant from each other.

    1. Be yourself

One of the biggest mistakes men make is disguising their personalities when they are dating. Such men intend to get the women of their dreams. If you get one, you then switch back to your old habits hoping that she will stick around. Be yourself from day one, and she will love you for all the good reasons. Do not try to change to please other people because you are most likely to slide back to your old self. Let her respect you for you are and respect her boundaries as well. Discuss those things that piss you off and find a way of rectifying them.

    1. Give her a dream wedding

Women value weddings as they mark a transition from singlehood to married life. In most cases you find people calling it the ‘woman’s day’ because they treasure it. It is a rare occasion or event and should thus be the best. It thus requires specialized entertainment such as wedding music from Mersey Side to give a memorable event. Prepare a budget for a wedding you can afford but do not forget the basics.

    1. Be her protector

A woman needs someone who can stand by her side when all is not well. You should be the solution to her problems and one to comfort her when things turn ugly. Protecting her does not necessarily translate to physical strength but just someone who can show some support. Be there when she rants about work and office politics and listen to her. Protect her from abuse in public places and always be the man for her.

Caring and treating your woman like a queen should be on a daily basis. She will as well reciprocate and treat you as her king. Understand her personality, her likes and taste and everything else will fall into place.