Why Should You Be On Instagram as a Web Designer?

Most businesses today have some form of presence on the internet. This is because of the increase in competition in the business environment that forces business owners to look for more opportunities and become innovative. Many businesses are doing this by coming up with websites that they use to promote their businesses and allow you to implement transactions.

These businesses take to social media and search engines to find the web designer that can do a good job for them. They know that gaining a competitive advantage is not all about having just any website, but the best there is. This is where you need to come in.

This is why it is vital that you as a web designer positions yourself strategically so that you can take advantage of the growing demand for these services. In the ever-changing global business landscape, you are also facing a lot of competition from businesses that are spread far and wide, because the internet allows web designers to work from any place in the world with a client who is thousands of miles away.

To gain this competitive age and remain relevant in a market with cut-throat competition, you need to sell your web design services beyond the local markets. And while at it you need to remember that your competition is very skilled and experienced, you have to out-think them to survive.

Leveraging Instagram

Web design is a visual practice, and you need to use a platform that promotes the visual nature of the business. This platform is Instagram.

Instagram is the new frontier for all businesses, small or big. With over 800 unique visits each month, this is the best place to start looking for more clients to buy your web design services. More brands looking for web design services are turning to Instagram to find information about web design services before they choose what they need. This makes it crucial that you build your presence on this platform to stay ahead of your competition.

So, how can Instagram help your web design business?

Make You Visible

Clients are usually on the lookout for a web designer that has a lot of clients or who is popular. One way to show your clients that you are popular is to have as many followers as possible who are talking about your web design services.  To get started the right way, you need to automate the process of getting followers. This is the first step towards getting the recognition you need to stay relevant in such a market.

Income Artist gives you a few recommendations regarding the tools to use to get as many followers as you want.

Increase Traffic to Your Site

As a web designer, you have a landing site that showcases your products and services, with a place for testimonials from previous clients. To start converting, you need to drive people to this landing page so that they can have a glimpse at what you have done before and see the various packages you offer. While there are so many ways to do this, the easiest and cheapest is using Instagram. You have a huge market to target, and you can add a link to your bio to redirect followers to your website. Start by posting relevant content as well, and soon you will find more people flocking to your site.

The Bottom-line

Being a web designer is not an easy thing to do. You have to be at the top of your game and maintain a certain level of quality before you can make it in this industry. With Instagram, you have a chance to show the world what you can do.