Janome New Home Portable Sewing Machine

SewingMachine.Today is a website that takes a look at some of the best sewing machines we’ve ever seen in our time, and then reviews the best ones possible. You need as many different ways to get an upper-hand as you can when you’re trying to buy something, it doesn’t even have to be a sewing machine. Learning and understanding what a product has to offer you is going to go a long way, especially if you’re looking to be financially sound with your purchases. Trust me, buying a sewing machine for a few thousand dollars, only to realize it’s meant for commercial needs is never a good thing.

Why Are You Doing This?

I’m doing it because I care, really. I was the person that you are right now, reading up different reviews and such online to try and make sense of it all. Now you don’t have to worry, as I’m going to look high and low to find the pros and cons of this product. I’ll keep things as professional as I can, but there’s always going to be a personal touch to my writing – that’s how it works!

Product Features

Sewing machines are almost always well equipped, but being equipped with the right stuff is a big difference. With this sewing machine, there are 10 available stitch options to incorporate into your routine. If you’re a newer person to all of this, you can start off slow and move towards the more complicated stuff. It’s relatively lightweight and portable, so you can move it around without having to worry about hauling a large piece of equipment about. 2 needle positions are available at left and center, and the drop-in bobbin is loaded through the top. With free arm sewing capability, you won’t feel very restricted with the way you approach your sewing.

Should I Buy It?

The advantages are there, you can buy the sewing machine in a variety of colors (which is really useful if you want to follow a certain trend in your kitchen. The free arm sewing capabilities mean you won’t have to constantly fight your sewing machine in order to get projects done, and it’s really light on top of everything else.

The only real complaint I have is that it’s meant for small arts and crafts projects, as opposed to actually fixing up jean jackets and restoring the pants you used to wear in high school. It’s fine though, because it clearly says it’s lightweight.

So, Is It Good?

It’s a good sewing machine, and would be an optimal choice in any case. If you’re going for bigger projects, you might want to shoot for something a little more heavy duty, as this probably won’t meet the requirements that you’re looking to meet. It’s a great starting step for anyone interested in the world of sewing.