Oster BLSTPB-WBL My Blend 250-Watt Blender Review

Blenders and Smoothies: What’s the Big Deal? If you have never tasted what it’s like to enjoy a cold and fruity smoothie before in your life, well, you just really haven’t lived. Smoothies not only taste fantastic, but they give you the opportunity to live a healthier lifestyle as well. You don’t have to sit around and eat potato chips anymore, and you can’t say that fruits aren’t going to be easy to get into your diet. With smoothies, you don’t need to sit around and continuously eat fruits, as opposed to just blending a bunch up and drinking it.

Not only that, but it’s going to change the way your body reacts to certain healthy ingredients as well – the more fruits you consume every single day, the better.

I’ve been drinking smoothies for well over a year now, and I’ve used this nifty little blender to handle all of my smoothie making needs. It’s almost like buying your own pair of hair clippers – if you’re sick of paying well over $10 every single day for your blended drinks, you can just but a smoothie maker for your very own home.

Oster Blender Features

You can blend up all of your favorite fruits and vegetables (as well as any other kind food you could imagine) into an efficient little smoothie to drink. As if selection in regards to the amount of stuff you could blend wasn’t enough, this is a blender that comes in more than a few different colors. Dishwasher safe, this is a 20 ounce BPA plastic sport bottle that will keep your smoothie readily available for post-workout action. The 250 watt motor with one touch blending is always going to be a time efficient way of preparing your smoothies, one that http://www.smoothymakersparadise.com/ would definitely endorse. Recipes are included in the instruction manual, and the re-settable fuse included within will reset your motor if it ever happens to overheat.

What Is There to Like?

There is actually a lot to like, especially the 250 watt motor. I don’t find a smoothie maker that’s powerful enough to handle the ripe fruits that I enjoy blending sometimes, but this one is yet to let me down. It hasn’t yet, and I’m assuming it won’t in the future, the BPA free plastic sports bottle touch is a unique one as well. Without this blender, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy smoothies the way I do today.

What Is There to Hate?

I like to make an orange slushy of sorts, but this blender had a tough time with the ice chunks I was putting in. Once I made the chunks smaller it seemed to work just fine, but it’s still food for thought!

What Is the Summary?

I would definitely have to say this is a suitable smoothie maker at any rate, and if you want something that’s reliable, look no further. It’s going to change how you and your family have thought of smoothies up until this point.