Remington AC2015 T-Studio Salon Hair Dryer

Beating around the bush is something I simply wouldn’t do, so when I tell you that buying a hair dryer isn’t all its cracked up to be, you can believe the words coming out of my mouth. There are many places you can go to buy all of the best hair dryers out right now, and one of them would be, I use them every single time I’ve felt the need to buy myself a brand new hair dryer. I liked the website a lot, and I felt like they were delivering a fantastic service with what they’ve been trying to do. I realized that the best hair dryers are going to be ones that have amazing reviews, as well as reasonable asking prices – so I set out on my mission!

I’ve pretty much done all of the hard work for you, the only thing you really need to do is take note of everything I’m listing here. If you do so, you’ll be matched up with your ideal hair dryer in no time at all.

What’s Included in the Dryer?

There is a patent pending ceramic pearl technology being used to ensure that you get the smoothest salon finish around, and you’ll also be blessed with 1875 watts of power. That’s enough power to dry your hair however you please, and it’s much better than having a lack of power. There are 3 different heating settings, as well as 2 speeds to ensure that you’re never going to improperly dry your hair out. Ionic conditioning allows for the most optimal look on the block!  Apparently its going to dry your hair 40% faster than the average dryer, and those are some pretty interesting results!

What’s Your Opinion?

I may not be an expert on the matter, but I know when a hair dryer is going about drying my hair properly. I can also, however, tell you about how I really feel. This is my own personal site, so it’s almost like a way to vent.

The Con’s

It’s a great dryer, don’t get me wrong, but I’ll also let you know that there are one or two problems to look out for. In the long run, this is a dryer that died on me kind of early in its life, but it only costs around $20 USD, so I couldn’t complain.

The Pro’s

All of the features could be considered pros, especially the one that says it can dry hair 40% quicker than most other dryers. That wasn’t a lie, because my hair is dried a lot quicker when I make use of this when compared to the other dryers I’ve used. The variety of settings is useful and keeps the dryer working for as long as you’d like (hopefully).


It’s a good dryer that’s cost-efficient and provides you with many differe options to use – that’s everything I’ve ever asked for from a hair dryer.