Rocky MCMXVII: Cuisinart vs. Oster Comparison

Okay… here’s the deal. I don’t like to do this kind of comparison, normally. When I write a review, I prefer that it go directly to the heart of the matter, not discuss how we got there. That being said, enough people were interested in our thoughts on the rivalry of Cuisinart and Oster that I decided to weigh in with a piece on the debate. As it turns out, there’s quite a lot to cover; you can find more on this fantastic comparison of fine waffle makers at

Before We Get to the Recommendation

Both Cuisinart and Oster produce waffle makers, as well as a variety of other kitchenware items and appliances. Both companies have an unimpeachable reputation for quality and honesty. They offer generous warranties on their products, and extol the list of features into which they have put significant amounts of research and development. This, right here? This is a one-time deal: our preferences on which waffle-maker tops the other, on the basis of important features and overall convenience of design. It doesn’t mean that either one isn’t a quality product; we have many items from either brand in our product lists.

The Verdict is In!

On behalf of those of us down at the office, I would have to voice a deep and avowed preference for Cuisinart’s line of waffle makers over the Oster. There are several different reasons why, though I would like to once again remind the reader that this is not a universal opinion – to each their own. Both of these companies are fine brands, which produce an excellent product.

Convenience in Cleaning Up

This, admittedly, counts for a lot with me. In terms of this comparison, Cuisinart comes out on top for the simple reason that their waffle maker’s interior plates are removable. Both Cuisinart and Oster feature non-stick plates which clean up quickly and easily, but Oster’s plates don’t come out of the machine. It doesn’t feature any detachable parts. You can remove the Cuisinart model’s plates, clean them separately, wipe down the outer housing of your unit, and then replace the plates when you’re done. Oster doesn’t have that kind of flexibility or convenience in dealing with the post-meal mess.

Non-Stick Surfaces

While we’re on the subject of good housekeeping, both the Cuisinart and the Oster feature non-stick plating, and both work reasonably well. The difference lies in their choice of materials, however. The Oster waffle maker’s plates feature a non-stick coating which, while it is effective and non-toxic, doesn’t quite compare to the non-stick factor of the Cuisinart. The Cuisinart features plates made of naturally non-stick ceramic, which also happens to aid in the even distribution of heat during the cooking process.

See Both Items… and So Much More!

At, you can review both the Cuisinart and the Oster waffle-maker models, plus review the best of what other brands have to offer. As always, our selection is guaranteed to be comprised of the finest waffle makers available on today’s market, with something to offer every waffle lover and their family – whatever its size, circumstances, or budget.