Seven Ways to Make Your Home More Comfortable

If you spend most of your day in the office or at a computer, you probably rely on your home as a haven of comfort. After several hours spent emailing, typing, faxing and swiveling in that good old desk chair, you often find yourself looking forward to getting home and plopping across the sofa and finally putting your feet up.

However, would you look forward to relaxation in your home if it’s in fact another source of stress? Make your home a real retreat with the following surefire hacks that’ll make you skip those post-work happy hours just to curl up on your couch.

Fresh air

People often underestimate the importance of fresh air in their lives. Letting clean, fresh air in your home will basically help you breathe better, think clearer, and be in a general improved state of living. Buy a good dehumidifier or air cleaner and you’ll instantly notice how it improves your life.


They may look like a problem that’s beyond your control, but in fact a few minor changes can help make a big difference.  Glazing your windows is a hack that improves your living situation by just adding an extra inert gas layer in between glass plates. When you do this, your window will be a sound barrier between the outside world and you.

In addition to soundproofing your home, windows let in natural light that immediately turns your place into an idyllic environment. Having large, open windows is the simplest way to turn a dull, closed space into an open, bright one. Open the curtains to allow plenty of light in.


While nothing beats natural light, it’s not always available. Sometimes you’ll need to make do with something a bit artificial. Whether you want general light, such as an overhead bulb, or target lighting, such as a desk lamp, ensure that your room is properly lit as well as painted in a harmonious hue.

You can turn your home into the most comfortable place in the world (see DIY Luke for more tips), but without good lighting, you’ll just not enjoy living in such a place. Strike a balance between subtle shade and bright light for your walls.

Easy to use electronics and apps

Let’s be honest: the simplest way to feel comfortable is to never have to move. When you find that ideal spot, getting up is probably the worst thing that you can do. It’s physically not possible to find that comfy, warm spot on the sofa again. Well, you can get around this problem by making the most of the numerous millennial inventions.

Be it security, entertainment, room temperature, lighting, or any other daily task, there’s certainly an app for everything. Now, you can adjust the temperature, turn on the TV, and turn off the lights with the touch of a button. Is there a better time to live?


Many of us do find comfort in the arms of a furry companion. After a bad/good day at the office, coming home to your pup or feline is very comforting and gratifying. Whether you’re into dogs or cats, or iguanas or fish, your choice is entirely up to you. However, there are few better ways to make your place more comfortable and inviting than by getting a pet.


Plants are not only eye-catching, but they are surprisingly good for your body and health as well. They purify air naturally by making oxygen out of carbon dioxide. By releasing fresh air, they certainly make your room a much better environment.

There are a myriad of health benefits that you can get just by looking after plants in your house. From decreasing blood pressure to preventing allergies, there are endless benefits that come with keeping live plants.


Hardwood floors are amazing, but who actually wants to step on them 24/7? Get a few area rugs to cover up parts of the hard floor of your home. It’s hard enough to wake up in the morning without having to step on hard, cold floors. To avoid this daily hassle, go for radiant floor heating.  This state-of-the-art system lets heat rise from the floor to create optimal temperature for your whole body. There’s no better heating system for your home than one you don’t notice is there.