A Short Guide to Instagram for Your Business

Any entrepreneur looking to market their brand should do diligence in researching social media. Marketing trends are pointing towards social media as a major way to reach consumers across a multitude of demographics in various regions. The popularity of Facebook and consistently climbing user base of platforms like Instagram speak volumes to the potential for your brand to reach new eyes and ears. Instagram, in particular, is growing at a staggering rate and if your consumer base is in the west, they’re definitely a great place to start your journey into social media marketing.

Instagram – what you need to know

Starting off as a photo-sharing social media platform, Instagram has risen as a premier marketing tool for major brands. Nike, Starbucks, NASA as well as most icons in music and film connect with their fanbase and followers through the platform. The simplicity of uploading a photo with text and sharing has been upgrading with their recent “stories” capability. This allows short videos to be uploaded that will vanish within 24 hours. This is excellent for grabbing the attention of those interested in your business’ updates. Here are some stats on how Instagram is performing on the global market.

Instagram has over 700 million monthly active users, over 400 million daily active users and over 150 million daily active story participants. Over 100 million posts are uploaded per day. More than 60% of Instagram users log in daily and 80% of users are outside of the U.S. All of these statistics add up to more eyes on your brands and better odds of conversions regardless of your market, target demographic or locations of your consumer base.

Marketing strategies

There are various ways to go about marketing your brands on Instagram. They can be as varied as the brands and markets they represent. If you’d prefer to keep your mind focused on developing your brand and its services offline there are social media teams for hire to create an online branding strategy and execute. For those with more of a D.I.Y spirit or a less expansive budget, here are some guidelines.

Show what it is that your brand does and maintain a consistent theme. Convey the service your company provides. Upload photos that show your company culture, use video or the story feature to show behind the scenes and give a sense of your brand identity. Anyone can show products, provide a peek into a lifestyle.

On the topic of video, take full advantage of the stories feature. The slideshow format and 24-hour time limit create urgency in followers. It’s an obvious competitor to Snapchat’s original format, but its effectiveness is why Instagram developed their own version. It enables you to experiment with content styling and pops up in a different location than normally uploaded content. It’s definitely something you can have fun with.

Tag, hashtag and collaborate. A hashtag (e.g. #realmadrid) pools your content with those of others using the same hashtag. This connects you to others with similar interest.

If you and a fellow entrepreneur team up for a project, you can tag each other’s profiles and essentially increase your exposure via sharing fanbases. The marketing options are really only limited by knowledge base and imagination.


Those not interested in paying a team to create a marketing strategy or spending hours online devising their own utilize Instagram bots. While controversial, their effectiveness in undeniable as their function plays the numbers game. Instagram seems to operate on a principle of reciprocity and the concept of “you like my pic, I’ll like yours” rings true for many users.

If you are to use a bot app, I would suggest Adder and if you’re interested in saving money https://fredharrington.com/follow-adder-coupon/ is a good choice.

All in all

With a proper marketing strategy, an intelligent team or the right tools and apps, choosing to market your brand online can get more eyes on your products or services. The increased brand awareness, consumer feedback, and interaction can result in greater conversions and thus greater profits. All it takes is an intelligent approach and a willingness to stay ahead of and adapt to modern trends.